Rental Inspection Services in Middle River

Rental Inspection Services in Middle River


The Rental Property inspection is a three-year visual assessment of the inside and outside of a rental property. This procedure takes around 90-120 minutes for one, two, and three family units, and may take longer for apartment buildings depending on the number of units.

During the inspection, an inspector will thoroughly assess the property’s inside and exterior. The owner will be given 90 days to fix any issues found during the rental property inspection. Property owners who have made some progress but need additional time to remedy outstanding issues may apply for an extension.

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Rental Inspection Services in Middle River

How essential is property inspection while renting out your home?

Most landlords live in a separate dwelling from their rental property properties. After all, they may begin by keeping residences and then, after a time. Choose to construct rental units in a new place to increase their revenue and expand their real estate portfolio.

Despite the fact that landlords do not reside in their rental property buildings, it is critical to undertake consistent and routine property inspections. This will confirm that your property is well cared for by the renters that live there. You can also request that your property management do frequent inspections.


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Rental Inspection Services in Middle River

Why is it important to do frequent property inspections on your rental property?

In any event, property inspections are essential if you want to rent your house quickly. It merely provides a forum for tenants to express their concerns to the landlord. And for landlords to reiterate their policies to renters. Both parties can work together to make modifications and ensure that the rental property is a safe and healthy place to live.

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Rental Inspection Services in Middle River

  1. To ensure that your tenants follow the agreed-upon rules.

    To begin, ensure that you put in the contract the agreed-upon expectations for the conduct and upkeep of your property. Because not all renters are the same, have a set of agreed-upon regulations or a set of prospects. To provide tenants with an incentive to keep the rental property in good condition. As a landlord, you should inform them that frequent property inspections will take place.

    To ensure that you, as a landlord, are satisfying the needs of your tenant.

    The landlord-tenant contract is a two-way street. You must also guarantee that you are keeping your half of the contract. This is accomplished by confirming that the property you are renting out is clean, safe, and useful. Consistent property inspections can assist you in identifying flaws that, if ignored, may cause problems later.

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Rental Inspection Services in Middle River

To avoid major issues in the future

Property flaws can occur as a result of regular wear and tear. You can detect these issues before selling your home if you do frequent property inspections. They have the potential to become big money drains. A minor leak during the rainy season can quickly escalate into a major issue, such as burst pipes and flood damage. Other difficulties such as property flooding or mould growth might occur if left neglected.

To provide you with information on your tenants’ activities

A property inspection can provide information on how each renter uses your rental property. They are utilising it for illegal purposes, which God forbids. The clues might help you establish whether your tenants are involved in criminal activity or drug usage. This might be discovered during your home inspection.

To make landlord-tenant communication easier

Whatever the case, frequent rental property inspections provide a forum for renters to communicate. Their requirements to the landlord, and for landlords to remind renters of their rules. Both can contribute to building advancements and ensuring that the rental home is a safe and healthy place to live.


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Rental Inspection Services in Middle River



  • The kitchen sink is large enough and has enough capacity to wash dishes.
  • There is enough counter space for food preparation because the kitchen sink is large enough, and there is a functional stove and oven.
  • There are at least two accessible and handy wall outlets.
  • There is at least one electrical light fixture.
  • There is enough room for a refrigerator.
  • The floor does not absorb moisture.


  • There is a bathtub or shower with enough water pressure to fulfil the tenant’s demands.
  • The shower cubicle walls are non-absorbent up to a height of 48 inches.
  • The area between the wall tile and the tub’s lip is appropriately caulked and watertight.
  • The toilet is in good functioning condition and has no cracks or breaks.
  • There is a functional window or ventilation system; and the floor is non-absorbent.


  • Each bedroom has two wall outlets, both of which are easily accessible and comfortable to use, or one overhead light fixture and one wall outlet.


  • All walls and ceilings are cleanable and weather-tight, with no cracks or loose plaster.
  • All floors are free of cracks, fissures, and exposed places that might host rats or insects.
  • All interior doors are free of cracks, holes, and loose plaster, and all units are rodent and bug free.
  • Each residential unit has at least two independent exits; all exits are clear of obstructions; and heating facilities are operable and well maintained.


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Rental Inspection Services in Middle River


  • All windows are weatherproof.
  • All windows open and close with minimal effort.
  • All windows remain open without the assistance of other items.
  • There are no fractures between the principal window frame and the outer wall on any of the windows.
  • If there is gap between the window frame and the sash, all windows have weatherstripping installed (i.e. the windows should not be loose).
  • All windows have functional window locks.
  • All windowpanes are there and undamaged.


  • All exterior doors are weather-tight and free of holes, cracks, and loose plaster.
  • All outside doors should open and close smoothly.
  • All external doors are correctly installed, and weather-stripping is used if there are any cracks or gaps around the door. • Locks are adequate to prevent unauthorised access.


  • All spaces are clean, debris-free, and well-maintained; and all staircases are stable, with a stable railing or bannister attached.
  • All halls and passages are well-lit and safe to use.


There is a working smoke detector adjacent to each bedroom and one directly outside the kitchen area.

There is a working smoke detector in all common areas, including hallways and on every ceiling landing.

There is a working smoke detector in the basement.


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Rental Inspection Services in Middle River


Regular inspections make it easier to rent or sell your home online, whether you are wanting to rent or sell. You can keep an eye on any issues that develop.

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Winona Presley
Winona Presley
They were very responsive, showed up on time, and went above and beyond the call of duty. Andrew was thorough in his inspection and provided helpful suggestions for repair. I would definitely recommend him to others looking for a home inspector!
Cody Palumbo
Cody Palumbo
Andrew and his team are very professional, courteous, and friendly. Andrew called me before 10:00 am to inform me about the inspection and gave me all of the details for when he would be arriving, who he was bringing with him, what the inspection would entail along with some extra information I might need on me going forward. The inspection was thorough and took everything into consideration including the age of the house and if there were things that should be addressed by the owner or myself as a tenant.
James Hope
James Hope
Andrew and his associate performed a very competent and in-depth house inspection for me. He took the time to investigate every nook, appliance, and system in the house and took the time to explain all the flaws and faults in terms I could comprehend. For the benefit of all parties, the house inspection report was very thorough and informative. His’s expert expertise was able to identify significant problems with a house I had put an offer on but had ignored. I’m able to prevent a tragedy in the future because of Andrew’s important job. Until I locate the ideal home, I will without a doubt continue to use KOSCH’S Home Inspections.
Kristina Holt
Kristina Holt
I needed a home inspector to quickly come out to my rental. Andrew from Kosch Home Inspections was quick to respond and completed my rental inspection for Baltimore county. He promptly produced the report, both in hardcopy and electronically. The report clearly stated what issues were present as well as recommendations for repair/maintenance, who should do it, and at what cost. Andrew was friendly, and professional and seemed genuinely interested in helping me with my situation.
Tonya Payne
Tonya Payne
My house is old. I could only guess what damage might be lurking just below the surface. I found Kosch’s Home Inspections, LLC and their thorough report gave me the peace of mind I needed, pointing out even the smallest problems. The technician was very professional and friendly, and would highly recommend.
Courtney Lowe
Courtney Lowe
Andrew was a pleasure to work with. He arrived on time, was extremely professional and thorough in his inspection, explained aspects of the inspection as he went along, and completed the job quickly. He did a great job highlighting what issues were most important, which helped me prioritize repairs that need to be made.
Dorothy Day
Dorothy Day
This is the second home inspection I hired Kosch’s Home Inspections, LLC to perform. I was moving out of state and had a very limited window of time to get this done, so they met me at the property early in the morning and were very professional and efficient. I had just completed a thorough inspection myself, but they found things neither my inspector nor I had seen that should have been addressed before putting the house on the market. They saved me from purchasing a home that was not in good condition at all. Their prices are competitive, their reports are detailed and clear, their staff is friendly and easy to work with, and I highly recommend them!
Curtis Gregory
Curtis Gregory
Thanks to Kosch’s Home Inspections, LLC I was able to walk away from what I thought was a pretty good deal on the house. His home inspection saved me hundreds of thousands in future repair costs. The oil spill in the crawlspace was just one of several items he found–there were definitely some surprises.